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Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
the day. as the orioles come back to have that first playoff game in town maybe not the best weather for it but i don't think anybody will carat that point. take a look at the weather in the city. not so bad. 79, the sun coming out. dew point 61 and the key difference tonight compared to the last two, fog is going to be a nonissue. we will look for dryer, move pleasant conditions overnight as the wins turn northwesterly. weather in motion through the day from dundock. cloudy through most of the day and then the sun. finally breaking through. making an appearance late in the day. same deal in belaire as we look at the heart of hartford. then the sun breaking through nicely late in the day. view from the naval academy. nice looking situation in to the open chesapeake. wind from the north and west around five to ten. breezy conditions, chance in wind direction. that's key into october and november. it's all about wind direction with that south breeze. warm and humid. winds turn northwesterly. already the humidity dropping, seeing dryer -- it's still muggy. little broader perspective and
Oct 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
and between somewhere and maryland and new york city. here's the setup that the colder air beginning to make its push as it goes into the first half. sandy will begin to edge up into the carolinas. the cold air marching in. that will help connect with sandy. here are the two potential tracks, mike masco putting this graphic together. you can see the winds gusting. if we get that track into maryland, into delaware, that's the more concerning track for us here locally. perhaps, though, we'll get that more northern track which will bring it toward long island new york. there could still be coastal flooding. we'll have a winds wrapping around out of the west. that's going to pile up chesapeake bay. overall we'll have an impact no matter what. major storm potential, long duration event. we will see the crawl. we'll have wind and rain each of those days much the flood potential will be there. how much depends on the exact final track of the storm. we'll have a better handle friday into saturday. here we go 58 degrees, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, no big deal, cool and misty, mostly cloudy at 68. the n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2